Paris Supplement

Finished at last, November’s Paris Supplement to My London Diary.

Paris (C) 2008, Peter Marshall

The trouble with being a one-man band is that when its all hands on deck there are still only two of them, but at least you can get away with murderously mixed metaphors without the restraining good sense of an editor. Though too many of those have the good sense of the average donkey coupled with a total lack of vision and an over-pernickety attitude to spelling and punctuation (and in the unlikely event she’s ever reads this, there is one lady who will immediately know I’m thinking of her – and for the record, you have absolutely no idea about punctuation despite your “corrections” to my pieces.)

Paris Photo, the world’s largest annual dealer photography fair, Le Mois de la Photo, a two-yearly festival of around a hundred shows and events, and it’s fringe, the Photo-Off with another hundred or so (and probably another hundred shows unlisted on the fringe of that fringe.)

Paris, the city and perhaps 50 km of walking around its streets searching for those shows and taking pictures. It’s all too much for one guy, even with the help of his wife (whose punctuation is always reliable and French impeccable.)

I admire those who are able to pull out their laptops or notebooks and blog or twitter away at events – at least until I read what they have written. Twitter is really such an apt name. Dawdlr is perhaps more my style, though I’ve yet to feel moved to contribute.

Anyway, my Paris Supplement 2008 is now on-line, with a dozen articles


Tourist Montmartre at Night
Le Paris Nord
Ceremonies du 11 novembre
Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise
Night in the City Centre
More Shows, more walking
The Canal, Les Halles and more
Friday – More Shows
Saturday- Art & Tourism
Sunday: Marais, MEP, Seine
Buttes Chaumont / Belleville Traversée
Paris Photo Party

and over 300 photographs. In the features there are many links to the roughly 30 articles and reviews from Paris I’ve posted here on >Re:PHOTO and of course both sites have many links to external sites where you can see some of the pictures and find out more.

If you went to Paris you might find I saw some things differently, and almost certainly you will have missed some of those things I saw. Comments as always are welcome on this site, though you need to join (it’s fast, free and simple) to post.

For those who missed Paris this November (and if you are interested in photography and weren’t there, you did miss a lot) reading my thoughts and seeing my pictures (or at least the 10% or so I’ve put on line) is probably the next best thing. So if you can tear yourself away from the mince pies and steal away to your screen it might provide a little Christmas cheer.

(C) 2008, Peter Marshall

You’ll need to provide¬† your own champagne for that party though.

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