The Boston Global View – 2008 in Big Pictures

The Boston Globe publishes some big pictures of major events in its three-part round-up of 2008.  (Part 2 and Part 3.) Not all of the 120 pictures would have been in my choice of the images that define the year, but there are some powerful images among them. And some relatively trivial ones.

Use the ‘j’ key as it says to jump down an image at a time.

It’s been good to see photographs used large – here on screen and also in print in papers such as The Guardian. Its also good to see that desptie the size, the images aren’t marred by visible watermarking.

One small point that annoys me is that there are a number of pictures where the photographer isn’t named. Of course there are rare occasions where to do so might endanger their life, but with that single exception I’d like everyone in the industry to aim for 100% attribution. It’s a moral right, and one photographers should be making more fuss about.

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