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I’m never entirely sure what web statistics mean, but the web host that I use provides them, so here are some of my figures for 2014.


The total visits to this blog in 2014: 1,603,778

Total page impressions in 2014:  3,418,124

Of course some of these were visits by robots rather than people, and some may have taken a look at the site and immediately gone away (the average time spent here per visit was almost exactly one minute)  but I’m still a little surprised by the figure, which works out at almost 4,400 per day, while the number of page impressions is over 9000 a day. Well, thanks guys.

My London Diary etc

From My London Diary, Nov 2014

It’s hard to give an exact figure for My London Diary, as it can be accessed using several different domain addresses, including mylondondiary.co.uk and mylondondiary.com along with others, some of which are shared with other of my content. My web space also contains some other web sites with my work, as well as a couple of sites hosted for other groups with very low usage – perhaps hundreds or at most a few thousand visits per year. The only significant site which is not entirely my own pictures is the Urban Landscapes site, listed below.

Using the overall figures for the web space less those for >Re:PHOTO and Urban Landscapes gives the following traffic for my own web sites

Total visits in 2014:  1,208,489

Total page impressions in 2014: 2,365,442

Which works out to around 3,300 visitors a day and around 6,480 pages viewed per day. Again figures I find surprising.

Urban Landscapes

A site with work by around a dozen photographers which I curate together with Mike Seaborne.

Dagenham #1, 2004 Peter Marshall
Tanya Ahmed  John Davies  Philip A Dente  Lorena Endara  Pablo Fernando  Bee Flowers  Nicola Hulett  Peter Marshall  
Paul Anthony Melhado
  Neal Oshima  Paul Raphaelson  Rabi Rashmi Roy  Herman Schartman  Mike Seaborne  Luca Tommasi

2014 :        71,310 visits
116,564 page impressions

Which works out at around 195 visits a day with 319 page views, a respectable but not high figure.

My favourite image of Brian Haw, with Babs Tucker at his right.  From Taken in London

It’s the figures for some of the less popular sites that I host that make these figures believable. Taken in London is a small site I set up for an exhibition with Paul Baldesare in 2009, and which I’ve left on line with no further publicity since then. I would not expect it to get a great deal of web traffic, and the figures of 10624 visits and 18898 page impressions for the year (29 and 52 per day) are around what I would expect.

Paul Baldesare Laughing women Oxford St

Taken in London was a nice show with some fine street photography by Paul Baldesare, and some of my protest pictures that still don’t look bad, and the web site is well worth a look. Perhaps this mention will boost its figures for 2015!


My London Diary : Buildings of London : River Lea/Lee Valley : London’s Industrial Heritage

All photographs on this and my other sites, unless otherwise stated, are taken by and copyright of Peter Marshall, and are available for reproduction or can be bought as prints.

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