D3x – The Führer Gives his Opinion

Quite a few have remarked that the recently announced Nikon D3x appears to use the same sensor (Nikon say it isn’t identical, but differences are likely to be small) as the Sony Alpha 900, but while the Sony has a street price of around £1600, the Nikon is expected later in the month for £5,500.

There are of course considerable differences in the camera specifications, but hardly it seems enough to account for anything like that price difference.

Looking at the performance of the Sony Alpha 900,  it isn’t a camera that would greatly appeal to me. The Nikon D700 or the D3x have a lot more going for them with their better performance at high ISO.  And for those of us who take a lot of pictures, those up to 50Mb RAW files would really eat up card and disk space.

However I’m certainly not going back to an F2. The D300 is still doing pretty well.  You can see more videos on the D3x on YouTube – but most are very annoying. The best of a bad lot I’ve found so far is from What Digital Camera magazine.

But the review you really have to see is where the Führer vents his spleen when told the price of the D3x. “Makes me wonder why the hell I went digital, instad of stick to film like Stalin!

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