Newspapers and the media are busy reviewing the year at the moment, but it will be a while before I get around to that – if I ever do. Things seem to be happening faster than ever, and I never quite manage to catch up. Some people deny that Harold Macmillan ever said “Events, dear boy, events“, but I think the denial is because he never was quoted in print, though I think it – or something very like it – was in a radio interview. I’m also fairly sure I heard him joking “We are all Marxists Now” though he will have known he was quoting J K Galbraith, if not that Galbraith was quoting Ernest Belfort Bax.

But rather than listen to that rather boring speech after your Christmas lunch (and I think she will only abdicate over her dead body) you could do worse than have a look at some of the events I covered in November.

Nov 2014

Neo-Nazi ‘Free the Golden Dawn’ Opposed
Solidarity with Mexican students

Stop Arming Israel protest at HP
No More Deaths from Fuel Poverty
Candlelit Vigil for Michael Brown
Class War Xmas Ceasefire Special
Focus E15 Support Homeless Mother
We Stand With Shaker

Still No Justice for Ricky Bishop
Class War Griff Rhys Jones Mansion Tax
Justice for Shahzad & Shama
Occupy Democracy at Supreme Court
Zero tolerance for Zero Hours
NHS Vigil for Efford Bill
Don’t Let Them Drown!

‘Bye Bye Redrow’ Poor Doors Street Party
No fees, No cuts, No debt!
Shaker Aamer protests continue to shame UK
Feeding the Poor is not a Crime
Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign
Class War hunt Ian Duncan Smith
Class War Women in Red
Lambeth Walk
Shut Down Racist Immigration Prisons
IWGB protest at Royal Opera House
IWGB protest at Deloitte
Trafalgar Square Poppy Memorial

Taiji Dolphin slaughter protest
Fukushima Nuclear Protest
Brent Housing Sit-in
Guy Fawkes ‘Anonymous’ Million Mask March
Poor Doors Guy Fawkes burn Boris
Boycott Hewlett Packard – Sustainable Brands

Global Solidarity With Kobane
Revolution Banner Drop
Against acid attacks on Iranian women

PETA World Vegan Day Naked Protest

I decided to chose pictures of women that I took at some of the protests for all the pictures on this page, though you will find I photographed some men as well.


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