August 2014

Turkish activists greet the Haringey march for Gaza in Wood Green

One of the reasons there have been fewer posts than usual recently here on >Re:PHOTO is that I’ve been busy trying to catch up with putting my work on-line in My London Diary.  August has traditionally been a month when things quieten down and there is little real news. Journalists used to have to sit down and make up stories, or try and make stories out of mildly odd (or sometimes entirely usual) events. While plenty of papers now fill themselves with that kind of nonsense all year, there was no need for an extra dose this August, as plenty of news kept happening – and the protests didn’t seem to slacken at all.

There seems also to be a growing number of anniversary events in August – some observed for many years – 69 years since the first atomic bombs with a Hiroshima Day Ceremony on Aug 6 every year – and this year a seven-mile long pink scarf for Nagasaki day.  But this year was also the centenary of Marcus Garvey’s founding of the  Universal Negro Improvement Association 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, the second anniversary of the Marikana miners massacre and the campaign against ‘Page 3‘ and a year since the chemical massacre by the Syrian regime in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta and the massacres by Egyptian forces at Rabaa and Nahda squares.

But there were also protests over new and continuing injustices which I covered, both about those taking place in the UK and those abroad which prompted protests in London. And even on the one day when I got out of London for a walk in the country I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible gulf between rich and poor – something which the continuing series of Class War protests against separate doors for rich and poor highlights. In a sense there is nothing special about One Commercial Street, with its back entrance down a dingy alley for social housing tenants but it is a clear indication of the increasing polarisation and inequality in our society.

Aug 2014

South East Alliance ‘Racist Thugs Not Welcome’
Sodexo: racism & unfair dismissal

Hands Up! Against racist Police Shootings
No More Page Three
Tamils protest Sri Lankan rapes & killling
Syria Chemical Massacre Anniversary
Gaza Protest – Stop Arming Israel
Divided Families protest over cruelty
Jubilee River & Taplow
Class War steps up ‘Poor Doors’
Shame on You Theresa May
Solidarity with Ferguson
Second Anniversary of Marikana Massacre
Koreans call for special Sewol Ferry Act

March against ISIS massacres
R4BIA remembers Egyptian massacres
Boycott Israel – Boycott M&S
Kurds Protest against ISIS
Class War’s ‘Poor Doors’ Picket 3

End Fast Track deportations
Wool Against Weapons
Bring Back Mark Harper’s Cleaner
Ukrainians & Georgians Putin Protest
Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners
Hiroshima Atomic Victims Remembered

No Glory No More War
Haringey March & Rally for Gaza
Sainsbury’s protest at illegal Israeli Goods
Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds
Vedanta told ‘end your killing’

Rastafari demand reparations for slave trade


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