Photograph © Dominik Gigler

Press Release

The East is being redefined. The Olympic fever has put an outcast on the map. The mainstream is now investing the once despised. It is not the first time the East has been given a facelift. The continuous migrations, the war and previous rejuvenations turned this landscape into something both identifiable and adaptable. The East End was and remains a land of experiments where the individual shapes his surroundings. 11 artist photographers familiar with its background and morphing captured its idiosyncrasy through various methodologies. Still the East End cannot be defined and the proud inhabitants are its essence. The East is not a landmark to contemplate but a hub to be lived and inspired from.

Curated by Tendai Davies and David Boulogne

Artist photographers are Paul Walsh, Kajsa Johansson, Dominik Gigler, Arnau Oriol, Susan Andrews, David Boulogne, Alessandra Chíla, Chris Dorley-Brown, Peter Marshall, Mike Seaborne, David George

Opening night Tuesday 9th September from 6.30pm, public from 10th Sep – 5th Nov
The Russet, 17 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT Open daily 9am – 11pm

Train: Dalston Kingsland, Rectory Road, Hackney Downs, Hackney Central
Bus: 67, 76, 488, 149, 236, 243

General enquiries contact David Boulogne
david@2exposures.com 07949033085
Sales contact Tendai Davies
tendai@therusset.co.uk 07733444421

Visit http://2012pics.blogspot.co.uk for more details

As you can see, I have work in this show which opens next week in Hackney. I’ve made my 5 prints, just need to frame them and get them there. I’ll write more about my work for the show, which comes from my book ‘London dérives 1975-1983‘ (ISBN 978-1-909363-08-3) later. Hope to see some of you at the opening – please RSVP to David Boulogne if you can come.

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