Notting Hill – better weather in 2009

I’ve now put more of my pictures from Notting Hill Carnival in 2009 on-line in Notting Hill – Children’s Day on My London Diary.

Though as you will see there, they are not all of children, though I have concentrated rather more on those of children in selecting images to put on the web.

But carnival is a great event for people of all ages.

I took a great many pictures that day, almost 1500 in around 4 hours in Notting Hill, which works out at around one every ten seconds, though I’ve put less than 50 on the web. They probably include most of the better images I made, though I didn’t go back and look through all of them to make the selection, just the 200 or so I’d developed from the RAW into jpegs at the time.

There may be a few images that I missed when I did that initial edit, but I doubt if there would be anything truly stunning. With digital I ruin far fewer images than I used to on film, but I doubt if I make any more good ones either. So while I still have almost every negative I ever took, it perhaps makes more sense to be at least a little selective about which digital files to keep.

Another forty-something pictures of Notting Hill – Children’s Day from 2009 now (at last) on My London Diary.


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