Pineapple Parade

Pineapple parade
The Stockwell Festival parade comes up to Stockwell station

It was good to see so many people enjoying themselves, and doing so by taking part in something with other people. Community festivals such as this have an important role in building the kind of relationships that lead to healthy communities.

But among the dancing and fancy dress I also found a reminder of violent death, Stockwell is probably best known for a murder committed there by police in 2005, when an unarmed Brazilian man was brutally shot just after boarding an underground train at Stockwell Station. The inquest on Jean Charles de Menezes opens at the Oval on Monday 22 Sept. The shrine to him at Stockwell station is in the background of a number of my images – and I also photographed it.

Jean Charles de Menezes 1978-2005
At top left the man police mistook him for – who bears little or no resemblance.

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