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Well, I almost kept that resolution to keep things on My London Diary more or less up to date, but then really messed things up by forgetting about the last day of the month for a couple of weeks. In mitigation it has been a rather busy time for me, with a real ferment of protest as well as a few other things, and February itself was rather a mess.

Not least that for 13 days we lived without any mains drainage in the house which caused a few problems and certainly made us appreciate how much we rely on such services. But we were lucky to avoid actual flooding and the water in our street didn’t come into our house. The river level here now is 1.91 metres – 6ft 3 and a bit inches – lower than at its peak. There are still places around where you can see the mud it has left behind – and clearing up is still going on and will be for months in homes that were flooded and at least one local basement is still having to be pumped out. February isn’t a month we will forget quickly around here, though I failed to take any memorable images of the floods.

Most of my work was as usual in the centre of London, still protected for the moment by the Thames Barrier from tidal flooding, and possibly by the lack of dredging in upstream areas like ours from flooding by the Thames. Getting on the train to London seemed often to be going to a different world where roads were not blocked and toilets still flushed.  Anyway, here is the complete list.

Feb 2014

G4S & Israeli Prison Torture

Students tell Vice Chancellor to Resign

Ukrainians Protest, Celebrate and Mourn
Syrian Peace Protest at Russian Embassy
Focus E15 Mums at City Hall

Atos National Day of Action

NUJ demands Egypt release jailed journalists
Free Margaretta D’Arcy picket
Solidarity vigil for Shawki Ahmed Omar

Reclaim Love Valentine Party
Anons 6th Anniversary at Scientology
Hungry for Justice For Fast Food Workers
‘Justice Demands the Truth’ Vigil
Charlie Chaplin Climate Chaos
One Billion Rising – End Violence Against Women
Central Staines Flooding
River Ash Floods
Flooding Hits Staines Again
Bellyhangers to keep Abortion Legal

Students protest Loans sell-off
Uphold LGBT Rights at Sochi
Willesden Wassail
Harlesden, Willesden & Mary Seacole

EDL supporters object to being photographed
EDL Saved by Police in Slough


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