Stephen Mayes Interviewed

Image Source is a premium stock photography agency specialising in Royalty Free and Rights Managed Imagery for professional image users.”

And as such I wouldn’t have a great deal of interest in it. It rather seems to look like corporate imagery for corporates, but it does also have the Image Source blog, IMSO, which “provides insight into the images setting agendas in advertising, marketing and culture” which offers among other things “most importantly market knowledge of the wider creative landscape.”

But despite its “carefully curated publication of a wide variety of articles” some things of interest do manage to make their way through the corporate filter, including an interview with Photo Expert Stephen Mayes On Photography’s Futures.

That’s actually something he has very little to say about, as he says “Things are changing so fast and in such unpredictable ways that even a year ahead is a deep mystery.” But its still a feature worth reading and pondering. However, I’m not sure you want to know more about Snapchat which he mentions. According to Wikipedia, two thirds of its users have received images of “inappropriate poses or gestures” and it seems its main use is in sending ‘selfies’.  Unless the future of photography is just ‘sexting’, it seems unlikely that Snapchat has a great role to play in it.

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