November is Over

Even for My London Diary, November is Over, and has been for a few days – I’m well into December already in putting my work on-line. There have been so many other things happening that I’ve got rather behind in posting about my work here on >Re:PHOTO.

There are still a few events I have yet to write about covering – such as the die-in by cyclists outside the HQ of Transport for London in the picture above, but it’s well past time to post the complete list of work on My London Diary for last month.

I was away from home for nine days in Germany because of a family event, so missed a few things. I think like many photographers I take considerably fewer pictures when I’m on holiday, unlike most other people. Though things have changed dramatically over the years with now so many non-photographers taking random images all day every day and posting them on Instagram or Facebook… Back when I was young, if you saw a cat you just stroked it. I don’t think I’ve taken a cat picture yet this year, but in Germany I did photograph a dog, though this is the only place I’ve so far published the picture:

But few of my family images make it to the web – there are just a handful among the other pictures from Germany which were more about the places we visited.

my london diary
November 2013

Left Unity’s instigator Ken Loach ponders his vote at the founding conference

Left Unity Founding Conference
Cyclists ‘Die in’ at TfL HQ

Islamists Protest Angolan Ban on Muslims

Cultural Workers against Zero Hours

4:1 legal minimum NHS staffing
Justice Not Jumpers at NPower HQ

Rocks where I climbed happily as a child
Virginia Water

End Drone Attacks in Pakistan

Remember Ricky Bishop – Jail his Killers
Free Shaker Aamer March in Battersea
German Holiday
Bonfire of Austerity Blocks Westminster Bridge
Anonymous March on Parliament in London
City Link & Cleaners at John Lewis

Gurkha Veterans Hunger Strike
Free Kieron & Arctic 30



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