Lens Culture #16

Lens Culture, dedicated to “Photography and Shared Territories” (international contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures) has long been one of my favourite on-line reads, and it’s good to see another new issue from Jim Casper that keeps up the high standard he has set.

I’ve not yet had time to read everything, but there are some incredible photographs by Denis Darzacq of shoppers flying in French hypermarkets. He really does photograph real people in mid-air, working on film and not a touch of Photoshop, though I think some of the incredible guys he collaborates with may need some treatment for bruises after he has got the shot. I remember seeing and writing about his images of dancers in mid-flight a couple of years ago, large and perfect prints, and standing there wondering how he did it for some minutes, eventually deciding there really were no special tricks – just working with great performers and catching them at the right moment – and with the right lighting. That little word ‘just‘ does Darzacq no justice.

Y0u can also read about – and see work from – a couple of festivals, PhotoEspana in Madrid and Look 3 in Charlottesville, Virginia, notable for its interviews – and there is more coverage of these at PDN Online

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