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The quote from McCullin about Dixons reminded me that I meant to mention another camera chain, Jessops. Years ago I used to buy film from them, getting a 10% student discount (no, I wasn’t a student, just needed the discount, and a friend was one of the store managers) which made it reasonably priced.

Last week when I needed to buy a new wide-angle lens, I found a site called Camera Price Buster which gives discount codes for Dixons and Jessops. These change from time to time so the code I used, LENS10, will probably no longer work – so check that site for the current one – which may be more or less generous.

The 10% discount using this made my new lens cost only a few pounds more than a rather doubtful tax-free import from Hong Kong, but even better, I was able to order on line and pick up my new lens an hour later from the local Jessops without paying any delivery charge. And while I don’t welcome paying taxes, I don’t really like to cheat on them either.

It’s the first time I’ve used this local collection service, but it worked without any problem – and no waiting in for expensive Fedex or those wretched other couriers who can never seem to find my house first time.

However, I’m still waiting for a UV filter for the lens, as the cheapest Jessops could offer was £35, and that was perhaps in too thick a mount, while a ‘professional quality’ multi-coated filter from 7dayshop costs less than £9. It does mean paying postage, but there are always a few other things I need to make up a worthwhile order. But despite what I said above about tax, I’m happy to save the VAT in ordering from Jersey.

More about this lens – a Sigma 10-20mm EX f4-5.6 when I’ve had time to use it for a few weeks, but my initial thoughts are positive. The Sigma EX lenses do seem to be well built, and it feels better in this respect than the Nikon lenses I own, and the lens hood feels dignificantly more durable too.

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  1. ChrisL says:

    “dignificantly” – is this a digital version of the word :-)

  2. :-) just one character out on the keyboard.

    Had to get a new one a couple of months back when mine wore out and it isn’t the same.

    But dignificantly does seem a useful word – have to find an occasion to use it.


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