1000 Words

There are so many good on-line photography magazines now, and 1000 Words is one of them, “dedicated to contemporary photography in the UK and beyond”. As its name suggests, it includes writing about photography as well as images, and publishes some excellent illustrated reviews of photographic books.

Two things in particular appealed to me in the latest issue, #16, now on-line (there is a small oddity on the web site which means that if  you access the 15 back issues they also have #16 at the top right of the page.) But this one really is #16, though there doesn’t seem to be any way to create a ‘permalink’ to it.

Outstanding in this edition is the work of Vanessa Winship from her book ‘she dances on Jackson‘ mentioned here a couple of months back, with a thoughtful review by Deputy Editor Michael Grieve.  The book is finely produced and

But there is also a beautiful essay ‘Tractor Boys‘ by Swedish photographer Martin Bogren, with an essay by Christian Caujolle, one of the founders and artistic director of Agence Vu. There is a splendid unity in these black and white images.




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