June comes in late

June has finally dawned at My London Diary, with work online at http://mylondondiary.co.uk/2007/06/jun.htm.

Apologies to those people who I know were waiting to see themselves online, but its been a busy month so far, especially as I’ve had to be away for several days in Hull for family reasons. Here is a list of the main events (all in London) covered so far this month. You’ll find links to them at the top left of the main June page.

  • bonkersfest, camberwell
  • the world can’t wait (g8)
  • brian haw – six years of protest
  • sikh federation march
  • end occupation in palestine
  • 200 years of orange marches
  • 2007 world naked bike ride
  • stokefest, stoke newington
  • blockorama, dalston

Comments here welcomed.

Peter Marshall

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