Love Russia…

Things don’t always go right when I’m taking pictures, and getting something that really satisfies can be elusive.  Love Russia, Hate Homophobia seemed to have everything going for it, a colourful protest with plenty of people who were interesting to photograph, obviously showing their emotion over the issue of homophobia in Russia, but although I worked hard at it, nothing seemed quite to gel.

I tried hard, and there are some pictures that almost make it. Some that would be improved by cropping, which suggests I wasn’t framing things as well as usual, though there did seem to be more things than normal that didn’t fit a 3:2 ratio frame. Or perhaps I just didn’t stay there long enough, and was too busy thinking about getting to my next event.

It was an event where many of those taking part were very much aware of their own images, which perhaps makes things harder. Or perhaps I’m just getting too self-critical in my old age, expecting too much. I did a decent job after all.

More about the protest and more images at Love Russia, Hate Homophobia.


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