August 2013 at last

At last all of my August events are on My London Diary – here is the list:

Counihans Celebrate Anniversary
Obama Don’t Attack Syria

It rained very hard in Thirsk, though fortunately not all the time we where there!
More Holiday Snaps
SDL and UAF in Edinburgh

Theatre not protest – and I didn’t go to see the show

Edinburgh & the Festival

Putin, ‘Hands Off Queers!’
Against Live Animal Exports
Also in Trafalgar Square
Frack Off

Hetty Bower, a remarkable woman born on October 3, 1905 spoke briefly at the event

Hiroshima Day
Stop MI6 Lies About Shaker Aamer

Westfield security tells me I’ve taken enough pictures. I couldn’t agree.

Cleaners in John Lewis Westfield
End Zero Hours Contracts – Sports Direct
Roma Genocide Commemorated

Al Quds Day March
Victory Celebration at Vedanta AGM

Shut Down Guantanamo

It seemed a busy month, and despite having a couple of weeks away I felt I still needed a holiday at the end of it.

It was also an opportunity to evaluate the Fuji EX-1 camera, but I ended still not convinced if it will really work for me. Perhaps I’ll try it again when the promised wide zoom finally appears.

Now its time to catch up with September, which is almost over.


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