Ones to Watch?

The British Journal of Photography (BJP) has published its list of Ones to Watch in 2013, a selection they have made of 20 photographers from a list of over 200 suggested by an impressive list of “photographers, publishers, curators, picture editors and critics” as ” the photographers they believe will make their mark on the wider international photographic community in 2013.” It was perhaps a shame that having gathered this wide range of eminent consultants to put forward their suggestions that the final short list was picked by the magazine’s staff.

PDN has long carried out a similar exercise to select annually 30 photographers to watch, and you can see last March’s PDN 30 for 2012 on line.  I’ve written about their selections at times in the past, and while most of the photographers selected for such lists are very worthy, if you look back at one of the lists from ten years or so ago, there will probably be relatively few names you recognise, even if, like me, you spend far too much of your life looking at photography on-ine and in galleries etc.  In a way these lists are more about current fashions than about particular photographers. As always there are a few whose work I find exciting, rather more I think don’t really stand out from so many other good photographers whose work I see and one or two that really bore me.

Comparing the two presentations, PDN immediately gains points from me by its better understanding of alphabetical order, but although I don’t much like its web presentation with a drop-down list, there were many more photographers where I looked at the initial page and could summon the energy to click to see more work. And for those photographers whose work I was already familiar with, I felt the BJP had not selected a good image to represent them.

Probably the best known of those on the BJP list is Magnum nominee Jérôme Sessini. Take a look at his page on the BJP and then go to look at his work on the Magnum site, and I think you will understand what I mean.

Anyway, here is the BJP’s list in full – you’ll find links to them on the BJP page:

Adrian Fussell, Cyrille Weiner, Gert Jochems, Giorgio Di Noto, Hanna Putz, Jake Stangel, Jerome Sessini, Jim Mortram, Jiri Makovec, Jose Diniz, Jun Ahn, Kyoko Hamada, Lamia Maria Abillama, Lauren Marsolier, Max Pinckers, Namsa Leuba, Pari Dukovic, Paulina Otylie Surys, Ruth Van Beek, Samuel James

and this is PDN’s:

Mustafah Abdulaziz, Jenn Ackerman, Kyle Alexander, Meiko Takechi Arquillos, Michele Borzoni, Dominic Bracco II, Peter DiCampo, Eliot Dudik, Sarah Elliott, Mark Fisher, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Misha Friedman, Andrea Gjestvang, Mark Hartman, Lauren Hermele, Ingalls Photography, JUCO, Sam Kaplan, Peter Ash Lee, Sebastián Liste, Mark Mahaney, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Ryan Pfluger, Markel Redondo, AnaStasia Rudenko, Daniel Shea, Jake Stangel, Christopher Testani, Yasu+Junko

There is a useful set of links to these photographers web sites on the Photo Editor blog.

Jake Stangel is the only  photographer who has the honour of appearing on both lists. I took a look at his work on a familiar subject, London & Amsterdam. Maybe like the rest of us he has his off days.

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  1. RogerGW says:

    > you can see last March’s PDN 30 for 2012 on line.

    Not with that link, I’m afraid. This works — .

    Incidentally, Sessini’s street scene “CUBA. Havana. January 6, 2009” is very Hopperesque, don’t you think?


  2. Thanks, had added a bit to the link by mistake when I copied it – now corrected.

    Yes I think so. ‘Nighthawks’ but laterally reversed.

    Quite a few pictures of Cuba are reminiscent of years ago in the USA of course, as it was very much a US colony before the revolution, and some things just haven’t changed since the ’50s.

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