Christmas Wishes

© 2003, Peter Marshall

This year I’m just not coping with Christmas. Just a few days ago it seemed to be a long way away, and now its almost upon us. It possibly doesn’t help that I’ve still got November’s calendar up on the wall to the left of my screen, there’s a picture I rather like on it and I’ve not got around to changing it before now, though December’s isn’t bad either.

But I’ve just not managed to send out cards, and it’s probably too late. Fortunately Linda deals with those for relatives and some of our common friends, and on several nights in recent weeks I’ve dragged myself from the computer after falling asleep and gone downstairs to get ready for bed and found her hard at work writing and adressing cards, but I’ve just not had the energy to join her. I managed to make a few badly printed cards for a few friends I met on Monday, but other than that my only contribution to the Christmas effort has been to buy a sheet of Christmas stamps. And that only happened more or less by accident, when I was taking a parcel of my books to the post and the man before me in the queue bought some. As Linda points out, the price of a second class stamp is what she paid for her lunches for a whole week when she was a student, and my pint of bitter and a pork pie or a cheese roll in the union bar would only have added up to a few old pence more for the five days.

So today I decided I’ve have to send something digital to many of my photographic friends, many of whom have in the past received something on paper.  My apologies if you get this message both by e-mail and here on >RE:Photo. I don’t have the time or skill to produce the kind of clever collage that at least one of my friends delights us with, but I have photographed quite a few Santas over the years, and when  I put that word into the search on My London Diary and it came up with 141 results. Here are just a few of my vintage santas from 2003-8.

© 2004, Peter Marshall
© 2005, Peter Marshall
© 2006, Peter Marshall
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‘Bells Not Bombs’ is a good message any time of the year!

My best wishes for the season to you all.

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