Paris 2012 Complete

Paris last month was something of a marathon for me, not helped by a little sickness in the last couple of days, but putting my thoughts together on this site and also on My London Diary has probably taken rather more hours of work. At last it is more or less complete:

Monday Blues
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday morning at the MEP
A Photo-Off Guided Tour
Saturday Morning
Paris at Night
Friday Morning
More Photo-Off Openings
Thursday Afternoon
Thursday Morning
Paris Photo Wednesday pm
Wednesday Morning
Openings – Tuesday
Paris Photo – Photograph as Commodity

You can actually read all of these here on >Re:PHOTO, where there are a few pictures included in the text. On My London Diary – links above – there is a single picture at the top of the text, and then a link to one or more pages of pictures. You can also go through all the pictures I’ve put on line from Paris by starting here and following the ‘more pictures’ or ‘More pictures from Paris’ link at the bottom of each page.

So far I’ve been asked two questions about the pictures from Paris. One was about the legal position of taking pictures of people on the street in France and whether I had any problems. On this visit I had no problems, though I have very occasionally been challenged on previous visits. I work quickly and many people were not aware they were being photographed, but when they were nobody actually voiced any objection.  In some cases there were enough people to make it an image of a crowd (I was told four is a crowd in France, but wouldn’t rely on it.)  In some other pictures – like that on the Metro – I chose an angle and lighting so that the people were not really recognisable.

 © 2012, Peter Marshall

I’m not sure what my favourite picture among those that I took is, but possibly one of the dogs in the Placement libre-atelier galerie. There I was with other photographers on the tour, others were also taking photographs and no one was objecting. I did ask the before taking this picture in the same gallery, because it seemed polite to do so.

© 2012, Peter Marshall

Earlier that same afternoon while walking along the street with the others on the tour Linda did say that some people seemed shocked when I rushed up to a man wheeling some paintings on a trolley and took several pictures. He didn’t look particularly pleased but he didn’t object.

© 2012, Peter Marshall

Apologies for the various oddities in the header on this site. Something is very clearly wrong, but I don’t know to correct it. A little randomness like this doesn’t worry me greatly.


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