Gilles Perrin

I’ve several times written about the work of Gilles Perrin, which impressed me when I first saw it in Birmingham in 2007, so I’m sorry I won’t be able to go to Paris on November 30th to celebrate both his 65th birthday and his new web site.

It’s a site that shows an impressive range of work, and as well as the many projects on people that I’ve often admired I was particularly interested in the section of panoramic urban landscapes in Urbanisme 2006-12 and also there are some fine black and white panoramics in the ‘Paysage’ section.  I’ve worked with my own panoramic images for over 20 years and of course run the Urban Landscapes site with Mike Seaborne so it’s a genre that has fascinated me for years, although most of my current work is with people and events.

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