Cruel & Unusual

Regular readers will know that I’ve often mentioned Pete Brook’s Prison Photography blog on these pages, as well as his posts on ‘Wired’s ‘Raw File‘ blog. He’s someone who has often raised interesting issues, both photographic and political, and the forthcoming show Cruel and Unusual at Noorderlicht which he is curating together with Hester Keijser which runs from Feb 18 to April 1, 2012 looks to continue in that vein.

I’ve just been looking through an preview copy of the catalogue, which has just gone to the printers. Designed as a newspaper, 4000 copies are being printed in newsprint, and it will be available free at the gallery, and with a small handling & shipping charge through the Noorderlicht webshop shortly. Worth getting in fast when it goes on line as copies should go quickly.

And here I should declare a small interest, as one page of the publication is given over to (free and by invitation only) adverts for photography blogs, and its an honour for >Re:PHOTO to be listed there with many that I admire.

Thanks to Peggy Sue Amison, Artistic director at the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Co. Cork for posting a link on Facebook to a couple of good and well-illustrated preview features on Elizabeth Avedon’s blog (and I think the answer to the question you may be asking is yes) CRUEL AND UNUSUAL: Prison Photography Exhibition Part I  and Part 2.

[Observant readers will notice that this post only went on line after my second post on the show, Cruel & Unusual 2.  It was written two days earlier but somehow I clicked ‘Save’ rather than ‘Publish’! as I hurried out to take some pictures.]

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