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By the time I’d come to the third or fourth Tweet or Facebook post telling me I should look at Yuri Kozrev’s My Year on Revolution on the Time photo editors’ Lightbox,  my expectations were considerably raised, and looking through his 64 pictures from the year they were not disappointed.

His is truly an incredible record of an incredible year (and of course there are many fine images from others too.)  While there are a few that do little for me (and the opening crowd picture is perhaps unfortunately one – and without the recommendations might have put me off looking at the rest) time after time I found myself thinking “I wish I’d taken that” which is probably the highest accolade that photographers award.

Of course I’m not a guy who would get into many of the situations that Kozrev has been in over the years, preferring to keep in rather safer and less kinetic places, but there were some of his pictures that did make me think we share some approaches – even though he does it considerably better almost all of the time.

One of the tweets that took me to this site was from Photojournalismlinks,  where you can find many more links to some more fine pictures from the year.

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  1. tdar says:

    They are great photos thanks for the link.
    Four of Kozrev’s photos are used as before and after in the BJP’s article on post processing (p. 61 Dec 2011).
    Nothing heinous, mostly just desaturaing, extra contrast and bringing out faces – except for image 6 in the slideshow where they went a bit heavy: knocking all of the warmth out which means you loose focus on the woman centre left and the guys’ hands.

  2. Yes, I saw that piece and wondered whether to write something about it. I’m afraid I looked at it and thought “isn’t that what we all do in Lightroom?” though I know many news photographers rush off work with little or no processing, or perhaps just using a standard preset.

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