Positive Lives

December 1 is World AIDS Day, with thousands of events taking place around the world to encourage leadership at all levels in the fight to get ahead of AIDS.

One of the major photographic projects about HIV/AIDS is Positive Lives, which includes the work of around 30 photographers with stories from around much of the world. One of those stories was by Stuart Freedman, and you can see more work from it on the Panos Pictures site (as well as some other fine essays by him.) Facing the Virus (click on the image there to see two pages of images) shows people in Rwanda working as a part of a programme with the government’s health authority and Concern, an Irish-registered worldwide charity facing up to the problems of living with HIV/AIDS.

Freedman’s work, which won him the prize for photojournalism at the 15th annual Amnesty International Media Awards in 2006, is one of many fine features on the Panos site by some of the best photojournalists currently working. You can also find work by this year’s winner, Andrew Testa, on the site, although his work, on Acid Attacks in Bangladesh, appeared in Foto 8, a magazine that has featured a great deal of fine photography and is currently relaunching.

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