Shahidul Alam in London

When I began to write about ‘World Photography‘ eleven or so years ago, one man in particular earned my respect for his work in setting up the agency Drik and in general promoting photography from the majority world.

I’ve mentioned Dr Shahidul Alam quite a few times on this site, and next week those in London can hear him give a free public talk When the lions find their storytellers at the National Geographic Store, 83-97 Regent Street on October 4th at 6pm.

Later in the week, his first solo retrospective in the UK, ‘My Journey as Witness‘ opens at Tristan Hoare’s gallery in the Wilmotte Gallery at Lichfield Studios, 133 Oxford Gardens, London W10 6NE on 6th October, and runs until 18 November 2011, with a book of the same title being launched the in the UK on October 10 by Skira, Milan.

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