That Riot Kiss

Here -if you’ve not already seen it – is another great post from The Russian Photos Blog by Jeremy Nicholl giving his ten reasons why Esquire magazine was bonkers to suggest it was possibly the best photo of all time.

10 Reasons This Isn’t The Greatest Photo Ever certainly made me laugh, and in the 10th – It’s not even the best riot kiss photo ever – he links to a picture by a friend of mine who recently began to collect his old-age pension too, who took a better one in 1990 along with many other fine images of the Poll Tax riots.

I was actually rather surprised to find that Esquire was still alive and publishing, and really apparently doing commercially quite well, although not the cultural leader it was for a while in the 1960s, and having taken a brief look at it online from the link in the feature I can’t see myself bothering to go back again.

Of course we have been getting more of our own riots again in recent months and perhaps on Thursday – J30 – there will be more opportunities for photographing some kisses in unlikely situations, although I think it is only Tory cabinet ministers who are really getting worked up over the event at the moment.  If they keep up their attacks they may provoke something but I think it more likely later in the year.

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