Earth Now

Earth Now‘ opened at the New Mexico Museum of Art on April 8 and remains on show until October 9, 2011. Looking at the response of American (US) photographers to the environment, it starts with the classic work of Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter and goes on to look mainly at work created since 2000 by around 30 other US photographers. As well as familiar names including Robert Adams, Mark Klett and Bill Owens, there are many new to me and the show includes a wide range of approaches.

One that interested me more than most was the work by Chicago-based photographer Brad Temkin who has made series on residential backyards and gardens, including one on rooftop gardens. My particular interest comes because I’ve spent several days recently photographing gardens for a project in London, including one on a rooftop with a spectacular view.

I was reminded of the show by a post  by Paul Raphaelson in his ‘Contemporary Landscape‘ group on Yahoo,  who thanks Kirk Gittings for pointing the show out to him. Raphaelson is one of the photographers whose work is on the Urban Landscapes site, which has a number of his pictures from his Wilderness project.

It’s some time since Mike Seaborne and myself had time to update the Urban Landscapes site, and we often get requests from photographers wanting to add their work, although relatively few of them present suitable projects.  But perhaps before long we will get down to running it more actively.

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