Birmingham Under Gods

A new issue of then online magazine lensculture is always worth reading, even if at times I don’t  appreciate everything in it. For me the outstanding feature in the current issue is
Under Gods: Stories from Soho Road by Liz Hingley, the result of a two year project on the many religious communities -Thai, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese Buddhists, Rastafarians, the Jesus Army evangelical Christians, Sikhs, Catholic nuns, Hare Krishnas and others along a two mile stretch of a main road in inner city Birmingham.

It’s a project that obviously results from an in-depth approach, getting to know and be accepted by the various groups, and the images have a quiet strength, a spirituality that very much befits the subject matter, along with a fine use of colour.  There are 40 images in the feature and every one was freshly seen, and the whole set work together beautifully.

Other features that interested me include Face to Face:Georgian Photography (you can see more work from the show here) and The Social Networ and Gazi Nafis Ahmed’s pictures of same-sex couples and tough kids on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can see more of his photography on his own site.

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