Peckham or Paris?

If I wasn’t going to be in Paris on Wednesday, I would be heading instead for Peckham, where the Peckham Literary Festival 2007 kicks off with two events I’m sorry to miss (though I could hardly have attended both.) The festival programme continues until Sunday and so far as I can tell contains no photography, although earlier in the year I wrote about the show ‘Peckham Rising’ at one of the festival venues, which included photographs by Thabo Jaiyesimi and Daniele Tamagni.

Things have been happening in Peckham this year – and I was also there for the Human Rights Juke Box and the I Love Peckham festival. If you can’t get to any of the events you can listen to a little of the music which will be performed at the festival from the new album “Psychogeography” described as “ a collection of dark but warm songs about losing vital limbs, nursing small birds, conversations with insects etc.

It’s hard for me to see Paris clearly – it has so many memories. Some of them are in the pictures I took there in 1973, on my second visit to the city (now all this site should be working – apologies to anyone who found some missing images earlier.) These are are couple of salted paper prints I made in the 1980s.

And no, I never made the edition which is referred to on the print above, which was a kind of joke. I think I probably made 3 or 4 prints – and they were all different.

Last year, going to Paris and trying to fit in Paris Photo, the Mois de la Photo and the incredible fringe festival, the Off, in five days there I had little time to take pictures during the day (not much at night either) but I did manage to put together a set of work, Paris November, which does include a few pictures inside the photo fair. I won’t need to tell you guys that you can go on to the next image by clicking on the main picture – or choose any other image by clicking on its thumbnail.

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  1. blank0 says:

    Even though Paris is the city where I hooked up with the woman who is now my wife, I still love Peckham! It was my home for around 7 years and the despite it’s reputation as a troublesome spot I found much inspiration on it’s streets. It’s good to see these events happening there…

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