30 For 2011

It’s always interesting to look at PDN’s annual ‘Top 30‘ choice of ‘New and Emerging Photographers to Watch‘, and interesting too to look at them a few years later, by which time a few will have become well-known and others we will have heard no more of.

This years batch include rather more than in previous years that I haven’t heard of before, and perhaps includes rather fewer photographers than usual who I think we will hear of in later years.  The choices come from nominations by a fairly long list of people,  (including few who I know and slightly fewer whose opinion I respect) which I think have – as you might expect from PDN – a strong US and in particular New York bias.

You can read what is at times an interesting discussion of the ‘Top 30’ on the A Photo Editor blog, though I’m not sure that I see many of those selected as “artsy, young award-winning, British hipster-ish types of shooters” and there is rather too much attacking people who make comments rather than reading what they are saying.

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