Foto Follies 2010

I spent so long laughing at this great post by Jeremy Nichol on his Russian Photos Blog the other day that it got to be long past my bedtime and I forgot completely to mention it here. It’s worth looking at all the contenders for his awards, which are:

  • The Shop Till You Drop Award [sponsored by Adobe]
  • The Naked Gun Award For Photography And The Law
  • The Naked Gun Award For Photography And The Law
  • Quote Of The Year
  • The Heath Robinson Award For New Technology
  • The Stock Shockers Award For Image Misuse
  • Photo Credit Of The Year
  • Grand Prix de Folie Photographie

As might be expected, the Daily Mail makes a strong showing in the awards, scooping the Photo Credit of the Year with the breath-taking economy of it’s © Internet. Perhaps for 2011 they will take it a step further and save all unnecessary time-wasting and expense with the single all-purpose credit © Some photographer?

And no surprise that the winner in the final category was AFP for it’s spectacular mishandling of its copyright abuse over the Morel pictures which, as Nichol comments at the end of his Foto Follies 2010 Awards post, escalated a “simple and easily-settled matter of copyright infringement into a multi-million dollar court case .”

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