A Busy Day

When I talked about my pictures from ‘My London Diary’ in Poland, most of what I did was unscripted. One of the pictures I’d chosen (all from 2006) was from the end of October:

and looking at on screen it seemed a good opportunity to talk about the different events I had done on that day – and the kind of thing I might be doing again in London the following week.

Last year, I’d started with a protest in East Ham to keep Queen’s Market, then come up to Trafalgar Square for the annual demonstration against deaths in custody by the United Friends and Families, before going on to a pub off Oxford Street to photograph the Halloween ‘Crawl of the Dead‘ in the West End which produced my chosen picture.

This year, I was a little busier, as more was happening in Westminster. As well as the United Friends march, I also photographed Kurds protesting at the prospect of Turkish incursions into Iraq, a Pro-Life (anti-abortion) rally, as well as the ‘Peace Train‘ and a few other things around Parliament Square. And then, it being more or less Halloween again, another ‘Crawl of the Dead, this time starting from a city pub.

It was an interesting day, but I wasn’t so happy with my pictures of the zombies, partly because my Nikon SB800 rather inappropriately decided to give up the ghost. Working with the unit built in to the D200 is not the same.

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