An invitation

Please come and celebrate with the photographers at the Shoreditch Gallery* from 6.30-8.30pm on 20th October 2010

(*Shoreditch Gallery is in the Juggler, 5 Hoxton Market,
just to the east of Pitfield St, reached via Boot St or Coronet St

Old St tube or buses to Great Eastern St / Old St / Shoreditch Church etc)

Paris • New York • London

 photographs by

Paul Baldesare • John Benton-Harris • Peter Marshall

Shoreditch Gallery

The Juggler
5 Hoxton Market
London N1 6HG

October 2 Oct – 29 Oct 2010

020 7729 7292 Gallery
01784 456474 Other information

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat: 10am-4pm. Closed Sun

Free admission

Work from three photographers,
three major world cities & three decades

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Paul Baldesare
© Paul Baldesare
Devil of Threadneedle St, London, Paul Baldesare

Theatrical off-beat street images from the City of London
in the 1990s and Oxford St in the current decade.

John Benton-Harris
“A taste of the Big Apple” from his much larger digital colour
investigation of his home town, that he began in the spring of 2006.

Peter Marshall
© 1988, Peter Marshall
Paris 19e, 1988. Peter Marshall
“Photo Paris”, a poetic vision of Paris’s inner suburbs from
an artist’s book he produced in the 1980s
Web        Book
Copies of the recently re-issued book Photo Paris will be available for only £15 at the party.
Photographs by Paul Baldesare and Peter Marshall are for sale.

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