A Country Walk

And now for something completely different. Landscape. That green stuff you find away from cities. Though as you’ll see from what I’ve written on My London Diary, I mainly went for the beer.

It was really a day out with a few members of my family, all except my wife older than me, so we don’t walk very far, unlike the kind of route marches I sometimes get dragged on with my wife and one or two of my sons. On those I keep finding myself trotting behind them trying hard to keep up, especially after stopping to take a photograph.

Anyway, I’ve put up a few pictures on My London Diary.

© 2010, Peter Marshall

As you can see it wasn’t the real country but more a rather diluted suburbia. Many people who live here will commute to the city, perhaps catching a train from Bourne End or driving along the M4. At least there are a few browns among the greens.

© 2010, Peter Marshall

And also some greys. I find it sad that horses – which when my father was young were a major form of power and transport – are now just playthings for the rich.

Eventually we reached our goal:

© 2010, Peter Marshall

Which was actually where we started from. I couldn’t resist making that hand look even more flesh-like than the original. Nor a pint or two of beer, though we sat inside and I had some rather nice (but overpriced) sausages and mash and ate the cucumber and chips the others didn’t want from their salads.  It had been rather a nice morning, but I really wanted to get back to work.

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