Twickenham Pirates

It sometimes takes me quite a while to add things to ‘My London Diary‘ though I try to keep it as up to date as possible. But if you go there as I’m writing this on September 12th, the front page is still on August 2010. Well, at least the year is right, unlike quite a few other web sites.

My London Diary is a blog, but unlike this one that uses WordPress, it is rather more hardcore, hand-coded using html (though I speed things up a bit by making use of an ancient version of Dreamweaver, although there are some parts of the code it doesn’t understand.)  When I first put the site on line it didn’t seem possible to do the kind of thing I wanted to do as a blog, and even now it would impose limitations.

But the coding is hardly time-consuming, what takes the time is ‘developing’ and editing the pictures and writing the text. For events that I also post to ‘Demotix’ I usually write the text more or less immediately after the event, usually while the image files are being loaded to my hard disk and imported into Lightroom, and re-use that text with minor variations on My London Diary.  I’ll also select a small group of images for Demotix, and get them ready for uploading.

At some point I also make a wider selection of the images I’ve taken, process these in Lightroom and export full size high quality jpegs to my hard disk. These are the images that I generally work with, only going back to the archived RAW files if there is a special reason to do so.

© 2010, Peter Marshall

But I’d just forgotten about my trip to Twickenham, where I’d gone to meet my son and his wife and daughter and have afternoon tea (actually a beer in my case) with his mother-in-law. On the way we just happened to meet some pirates getting aboard for a trip on the river.  As well as some naked ladies and a few other little things. So I decided I ought to put some of it at least on the web.

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