Trent and Narelle

Thanks to Magnum for a tweet pointing out a “Wonderful 30 minute documentary about photographers Trent Parke and Narelle Autio“, Trent Parke – Dreamlives (2002) – Australian Story which you can watch on Vimeo.

According to my computer its actually 25 minutes 17 seconds long,  although perhaps it does seem longer as Magnum suggest.  Although it does have a lot of interesting moments and comments – it was good to see some of the locations of pictures in ‘Dreamlives’ and also some more about the making of their joint book ‘The Seventh Wave’ I did end up feeling it would have been a much better 10 minute film.

But if you want to relax for a while with a glass or two of wine or a couple of beers 10 minutes would be a little short. So perhaps its a film about a very photographically driven couple for an Australian audience who perhaps won’t notice the title and the strapline “Newcastle’s own Trent Parke” omits to mention the female half while the film itself stresses the importance of them working together. And in case anyone is confused, that’s Newcastle, New South Wales and I think Parke was Magnum’s first Australian photographer.

Considerably more interesting photographically is his Minutes to Midnight,  produced over a two-year period tavelling across Australia with his partner, and culminating with the birth of their first son in November 2004.

This  2006 Magnum in Motion essay is  clearly to date the definitive presentation of this work, (the book is a 32 page pamphlet with only 20 images) and I think is a now a real classic.  After completing it he stopped working in black and white and moved to colour.

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