Three Years – 1000 Posts – 3000 a Day

Several small milestones for the site.

The first book completely my own work (very much so – photography, text and book design) in the previous post,
A Book At Last: 1989 and this post should be the 1000th on this blog.

I’d like to thank those who’ve visited the site since it started in May 2007 – and since then there have been more than 1.4 million page views.

So far this month, three years since I started, there are just over 3000 visitors on the average day. Thanks to you all.

© 2006 Peter Marshall

Of course I have other sites too, including My London Diary, Paris Pictures and the Lea Valley, and currently the total average for all the sites is just a little under 8,500 hits a day – so >Re:PHOTO  makes up around just over a third of that total.

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