Hull Photos: 27/10/17 – 2/11/17

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27th October 2017

Another view of Wellington St – little had visibly changed since my previous picture two years earlier. Behind the wholesale fruit and vegetable sheds is one of Hull’s still existing smoke houses, though this one was apparently built for bacon rather than fish. It has recently been restored.

85-5k-32: Fruit Brokers and Smoke House, Wellington St, 1985 – Old Town

28th October 2017

It was a busy high tide at the mouth of the River Hull, with Newdale H going upstream and through the Myton Bridge which opened for it, and a grab dredger operating at the mouth of the river (on the left in this picture) and then watching as a tug turned the trailing suction hopper dredger Bowstream around in the River Humber at the mouth of the Hull and then towing it into the Old Harbour where it berthed on the east side.

85-5k-45: Bowstream being towed into the Old Harbour, 1985 – River Hull

29th October 2017

A man pushes his bicycle along the pavement on Subway St, off the Hessle Rd. His bike is loaded with lengths of old piping, probably reclaimed from houses in the area awaiting demolition and he is presumably taking them to a scrap merchant. The houses here are all soon to be demolished, along with R E Powell, who will no longer be selling fish here.

It’s hard to place this exactly on Subway St, as there are few clues, though the distant view of Hessle Rd is clear. Powell’s could be on the corner of St Andrew St, which no longer exists. At the right of the picture is the corner of a fish smoke house, and there is still one in Subway St, but I think that is further south from Hessle Rd, and the one on the edge of this picture I think is one that has been demolished. More of it can be seen in the next two pictures I will post.

85-5l-44: Subway St, 1985 – Hessle Rd

30th October 2017

A fish smoke house, I think in West Dock Avenue, seen from Subway St. So much in this area has been demolished that it is very difficult to find exact locations for these pictures. This was taken just a few feet away from the previous image, and the brick wall at left is on the right of that picture, with the side of the smoke house.

85-5l-45: Fish Smoke House from Subway St, 1985 – Hessle Rd

31st October 2017

Another view of the back of the site with a fish smoke house taken from an empty plot on Subway St

85-5l-46: Fish Smoke House from Subway St, 1985 – Hessle Rd

1st November 2017

A view alongside the Fish Dock entrance lock. Although St Andrews Dock had closed there were still a few offices open here as well as by the end of William Wright Dock which was now the fish dock, with cars parked here – and there is still a fluorescent light on inside Humberside Driver Training Services Ltd, part of C E A Towne (Ship Riggers) Ltd.

85-5l-56: St Andrew’s Dock, 1985 – Docks

2nd November 2017

Yet another dredger – the Grab Hopper Dredger Redcliffe Sand moored in William Wright Dock. 1424 tons and built in 1964 by C. Hill in Bristol for British Transport Docks Board, she was sold by Associated British Ports in 1989 and after several owners was renamed Ribel in 1992/3 and scrapped as a total loss in 1996 in Beirolas, Lisbon.

William Wright Dock, at the west end of Albert Dock, had become Hull’s fish dock in 1975 when the neighbouring St Andrew’s Dock closed. The rather ancient-looking wooden Hull telephone box had clearly seen better days but I think was still in working order.

85-5l-65: William Wright Dock, 1985 – Docks

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