The Flaneur

Lensculture has a new set of images, The Flaneur, Hamburg Noir by Giacomo Brunelli, a photographer whose work on animals knocked me out when I first saw it some years ago across a table in 2007 in Birmingham.  You can see that work, and other projects also on Lensculture.

I bought copies of both his books to date, The Animals (2008) and Eternal London (2014) and both are finely produced volumes. I usually like my photography clinical rather than emotional, but when it is done as powerfully as this I find it irresistible. His work has something of the graphic appeal of one of my favourite London-based photographers, Bill Brandt, but with a much smokier, more intimate quality. And like nicotine, it’s highly addictive.

I imagine there will before long be a book of his Hamburg pictures, and I’ll surely buy that. The Animals now sells second-hand for £300 upwards so it could also be a good investment. There may still be the odd copy of Eternal London ISBN-13: 9781907893520 available in bookshops or on-line for £25, and if you see a copy I’d advise you to snap it up now.

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  1. ChrisL says:

    Happily a few copies left of “Eternal London” so my selfie present is sorted, thanks for the pointer. An interesting mix of Brandt and Frank so refreshing to see some “street” work that makes you look and think amidst the volume of dross.

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