November 2015

I’ve managed to complete ‘My London Diary‘ for November while I can still remember – more or less- what happened, and after only a week of December.  Having almost two weeks off due largely to minor illness helped, and the 11 or so days when I didn’t touch a camera is probably something of a record for me – certainly since I spent over three weeks in hospital back in 2003.

It’s unfortunately a part of growing old that minor issues take longer to resolve and I took the opportunity to have something of a rest. And although I’ve got back to work I’m still taking things a little easier, only going to one event where I might have taken in two or three. Although there are 16 links below, they come from only 11 events, around a third of the number of some recent months.

Also taking up some of my time last month was the work on producing my latest book, Dartford to Gravesend – still available in time for Christmas either from Blurb, or for UK addresses, direct from me.

Nov 2015

Global Frontlines lead Climate March
March for Climate Action Starts
Don’t Bomb Syria Blocks Whitehall
Speakers at Don’t Bomb Syria

Don’t Bomb Syria

Stop Killing Cyclists Die-in

Ripper ‘Museum’ Candlelit Vigil
Class War at Osborne & Little
Osborne’s Nightmare Cuts

Class War at the Ripper ‘Museum’
Kingston Christmas

MfJ ‘Set Her Free’ protest at Yarl’s Wood
MFJ Meet Outside Yarl’s Wood

Students at Home Office and BIS
‘Welcome Home Shaker’ celebration
Free Education – No Barriers, Borders or Business


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