New York Chinatown

If you’ve not already seen them, do take a look at Bud Glick‘s pictures of New York City’s Chinatown in the 1980s which were featured in an article byDL Cade on Petapixel yesterday. There is a generous selection with the feature but more on the photographer’s own site.

Like many of us, Glick is finding that scanning his old negatives gives them a new life, enabling him to print those that were previously unprintable and finding others than at the time were neglected. Things that may have seen rather ordinary or insignificant at the time can gain a new perspective thirty years on when so much of what was photographed has disappeared or drastically changed.

As Cade writes “Images he overlooked in the past now jump out at him as culturally significant, and Photoshop allows him to salvage some he would otherwise not be able to use.” The feature also has some comments by Glick, but having read it it is worth going to his web site to see more pictures.

The other work on Glick’s web site is more recent, and I particularly enjoyed seeing his set of images of Paris, a city I’ve often visited at this time of year for the tremendous amount of photography that is shown there in the Mois de la Photo and Mois de la Photo – Off every other year, and of course what is probably the world’s most important fair for photography dealers, Paris Photo. There are links to the shows I’ll be missing on LensCulture, although of course its meeting the photographers and so many others with with an consuming interest in our medium – like Jim Casper at LensCulture – that really make Paris in November so rewarding. You can read a series of articles starting at these links  about some of my earlier visits in 2012 and 2010, and on The Eye of Photography (L’Oeil de la Photographie) can read the list of openings you are missing tonight – and there will be further similar posts.

This year, for the first time for quite a while, I didn’t feel up to it, not least because I’ve been so busy with events in London.  Perhaps – if things quieten down here, which seems unlikely at the moment – I’ll pay a visit to Paris just to enjoy the city in the spring instead.

Paris 2006 Peter Marshall (taken in November on my way to Paris Photo)

Like Glick, I’ve also found that scanning my old negatives gives them a new life, and I’ve put many of them on the web, as well as into collections self-published on Blurb. As well as the books on the Lea Valley, Hull and London, the series on London’s Docklands now has four volumes and I’m working on the fifth. And there are already a couple on Paris, one in black and white and another in colour, from the 1980s. All the books are still available from Blurb (and most more cheaply to UK customers direct from me) and although none is likely to become a best-seller, I continue to get occasional sales. Much of the work in the books can also be seen on the web.


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