Capa and Leica

Thanks to dvaphoto for pointing out the great advert for the launch of the Leica Monochrom-M at the at the Sao Paulo Leica store, which is based on vignettes of the life of Robert Capa and some of his best-known images.

If you are not familiar with his work, it might be worth looking at a set of his pictures on Magnum before you view the video, and reading the profile on that page.

Capa really isn’t a great advert for Leica, although it’s true that his career started with a Leica II put in his hands by Simon Guttman who sent him to photograph Trotsky speaking in Denmark in 1932. But Capa fairly soon abandoned Leica for Contax (and sometimes Rolleiflex.)  I don’t think he used a Leica after he came back from Spain. All of his well-known World War II pictures were taken on a Contax II. When he died in Indochina he was using a Contax IIa and a Nikon S rangefinder.

Who knows what he would have thought of the M Monochrom, though it’s certainly a camera capable of fine black and white results. But were he still alive and working today – at the age of 100 – I rather doubt if he would be using Leica!

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