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I’m not quite sure how Jim Casper‘s “new LensCulture blog!” differs from the old one that has been so interesting and perceptive over the last ten years.  I rather hope the changes are not too great, since I’ve enjoyed and learnt from it greatly. Here’s what the opening post says:

Now in our 10th year, we’re expanding our scope and vision at LensCulture!

We hope to delight you, often, with inspiring posts about how people are using contemporary photography around the world — in art, media, politics, commerce, propaganda and popular culture. Join us, and participate in our bold new vision to connect photographers and photography lovers via one great, dynamic platform.

Cheers, and please let us know what you think.”

Lens Culture has been a valuable resource for those interested in photography. Recent posts include Rene Burri talking about his career and talking about six of his best-known photographs and currently on the ‘newest’ page of the site you can see work by the “21 New & Emerging Photographers from Lens Culture“, most of whom are worth a look. Of course Lens Culture is not the only place where you can see such lists, but I think perhaps the most interesting, and with more truly ‘new’ photographers than some.

Of course I don’t find everything on the site of interest – it sets out to cover the whole of contemporary photography, even those parts I find rather trivial and boring!  But it’s great to have sites like this. When I started writing on the web around fifteen years ago, there was relatively little photography on the web, and what there was was largely amateur illustration or commercial advertising. Things have changed dramatically since then.

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