Last Chance

The show In Protest officially finishes today, 26 Oct, though it will still be up tomorrow as I’m busy behind a camera and won’t take it down until Monday. So it will still be on view tomorrow, and this is also the last day for Mike Seaborne: Landscapes in Transition. The two galleries are quite close, around ten minutes walk or 3 stops on the bus from each other, so if you go to one it’s easy to see both.

© 2012, Peter Marshall

Mike is shown above talking about his pictures at the gallery earlier this week – unfortunately by the time I was going to mention it here the event was fully booked.

A week or so ago too came the announcement by Jon Levy that ‘The doors will close on the last show at Foto8 Gallery at the end of November – in little over a month.’ What will become of Foto8 in the future is unclear; it has a fine record since it was launched on the web in 1998, and as he says, ‘Foto8 can walk on with its head held high, without deploying financial counterfeit or subterfuge to dodge any unpaid debts or palm off past creditors. For this reason whilst Foto8 is leaving it is not closing.’

There are still a few events there after Mike’s show closes, including two more shows before things at Honduras St come to an end, and I suspect they will be well supported. But Foto8 has done much to raise the profile of photojournalism and documentary photography in the UK, where it has been largely neglected by our arts establishment, while large grants continue to go to far less worthwhile projects in photography and the arts.

Once my own show comes off the wall at the Juggler I too will be going back to a virtual existence on the web. I still intend to produce a web site for those who were unable to see the show – or who want to see it again, and on the web I can show some of the images for which there was no space at the Shoreditch Gallery.

Photomonth continues, and I’m sure there are other shows worth seeing, though half a dozen I’ve been to have been disappointing – or even non-existent –  though sometimes the refreshments on sale at the venues (those marked with a green spot in the programme) have compensated.  One event still to come certainly sounds of interest, and on Sunday November 4th at Rich Mix from 4-6pm you can see the screening of ‘Radical London Portfolios‘ submitted by “established and emerging photographers”, including myself and Mike. And it’s free.

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