Shoot 36

For those of us who want to remember the old times, or for those who never experienced them, professional photographers are invited to take part in Shoot 36, which invites them to shoot a 36 exposure film using a single body and one fixed focal length lens, pick the best 6 images, scan them full frame and upload them to the site.

You can see the full rules on the site if you want to take part in what I think is an interesting bit of fun. So far the one set of six images that stands out for me is from Sang Tan – some nice pictures even if not entirely sticking to the rules!

As it says on the site:

  • It’s a challenge.
  • It’s a bit of fun for the professional photographer.
  • It’s about enjoying past techniques.
  • It’s about hand processing film.
  • It’s about the anticipation of discovery.
  • It’s a test of our skills as photographers.
  • It’s about the smell of the chemicals.
  • It’s about loading a spool.
  • It’s about a fridge full of film!.
  • It’s about taking pictures not because we are paid to but because we want to.

One day I might even try it myself – I’ve got plenty of outdated film to use!

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