Bite! magazine is an interesting project that presents one photographer every day with a  slideshow of their work and a brief text. The photographers are selected by guest curators, including some well-known names. And although Bite! is a stage for emerging talent, with a special focus on photographers from Asia, Africa and South America, the photographer whose work drew my attention to it was an American I first wrote about admiringly some years ago.

I can’t remember now how Ami Vitale first came to my attention, but I do remember our meeting each other at a glittering reception in a Polish castle at the first Bielsko-Bialo FotoArt Festival in 2005 where both of us were showing. She was a fan of my web site and I was very much a fan of her work, and I still am. Perhaps one day I’ll get back to some real writing too, but really photography is more fun.

As curator Hannamari Shakya says about her work, “She gets close with people” and it really shows in her pictures and it is very much how she is. The set of Vitale’s pictures at Bite! is the first of her work I saw, from Guinea-Bissau, and it still has the same powerful impact for me.

There are a lot of other sets of images on the site, and most of those I took a brief glance at looked worth exploring further when I have the time, and I’ve added the site to my RSS feeds to remind me to do so.

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