Berlin 4: Friedrichshain

I was with family, and their priorities didn’t exactly coincide with mine, but the route that they took on their way to the next cafe, for lunch, was an interesting one, keeping to the road at Boxhagener Platz (it was too wet to play on the swings) with various graffiti and

some finely decorated shutters for a bar. They continued making their way with determination  (and  I had to do a lot of running to catch up  after stopping to take pictures) to the Knilchbar kindercafé on Krossener Str.

I can’t say I enjoyed the kindercafé.  But then I wouldn’t enjoy any kindercafé, places where the kind of behaviour that would be frowned upon in civilised company is actively encouraged; at least it keeps children and their parents away from other establishments.  The noise level was high, and the food and drink was children’s food and drink. Of course I’m not their target audience, and it’s good that such places exist for those who so obviously delight in them, but really I should have found a nearby bar to sit in grumpily while the others played.

Of course I did take a few pictures. The kind any grandad would, but nothing I’d want to share outside the family (and parts of the family wouldn’t like if I did.) And after what seemed like several hours I had to leave and walk around a bit outside as my head was aching from the screaming. Eventually the others came out and we walked on.

Our route took us back to Boxhagener Platz  and a rather fine public toilet, though perhaps it would have been better without the graffiti. Perhaps surprisingly it seemed still to be in full working order.

Further along we came to the well graffitied Zielona Gora on Grünberger Str,

and I took a couple of closer pictures, still using the Fuji 100X.

On a street corner not far away was Paul’s Metal Eck, apparently

a well known heavy metal bar, still firmly closed and quiet. Another version of hell though for a slightly older clientele, with “relentless metal videos” apparently played at excessive volume; though one on-line customer review did hold out the promise of “Beautiful and capable waitresses” and “good bear”, certainly more welcoming than a bad bear.

More from Berlin to follow shortly.

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