Notting Hill

Notting Hill in the rain, 2000

Today the Notting Hill Carnival is taking place, but I won’t be there. Yesterday I thought seriously about going to Childrens’ Day, but decided against it because of the rain. Today I decided the noise and the crush would be too much for me, and am going for a walk with with my wife instead.

From 1991 on, for the next twenty or so years I hardly ever missed going to Carnival, usually on both days. It was one of the highlights of my year,certainly photographically.

There was one year when I was out of the country, and another when I had a knee injury. That year I got ready to go, hobbled the quarter mile or so the the station, staggered up the footbridge, then halfway down the other side before collapsing in agony. It was only then that I realised I couldn’t possibly make it and rested a little before going back up and over the bridge and  slowly, painfully made my way home, stopping several times on the way.

Regular readers of this blog will of course be aware that a book of my black and white pictures from Notting Hill Carnival in the 1990s was published a few days ago by Café Royal Books – where you can both view it and buy it.

Rather than show you the same pictures that are in the book, in this post are some of the others I took then that there wasn’t room for. And the last one is one of my personal favourites.


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