Rolling Picket against Gaza Killings

From a silent protest inside one branch of Barclays Bank I moved to join a rather noisy event meeting up outside the Tottenham Court Road branch, the start of a number of protests by the Revolutionary Communist Group and Victory to the Intifada outside businesses whose activities support the Israeli state following the barbaric massacres by Israeli snipers of unarmed protesters taking part in the Great March of Return protests in Gaza, which by then had killed over 60 and seriously wounding thousands.

Barclays had been chosen because of its massive investments in Israel supporting the state there – just as years ago they supported apartheid South Africa – and I took part in protests against them over this back in the 1960s. Barclays is also the largest global investor in the arms trade.

Although the branch had ‘Barclays’ in large letters across its front, it was rather high up, and including it in my pictures was something of a challenge, even with the group pictures. Since it was on glass it also rather disappears into the reflection. particularly with its blue on a blue sky, though some post-processing could have made it stand out more, adding a little contrast, clarity and perhaps saturation. It stood out visually considerably more than the photograph suggests and I think adding a little emphasis would be acceptable. It is a little unfair that Sainsburys, who were not the subject of a protest, comes out rather more obviously in several of the pictures.

The protest moved on, at first just a few yards down the road to Boots, who sell beauty products made in Israel. Their logo was rather easier to include, being a little lower down. Carphone Warehouse was again something of a challenge, as the protesters stopped in front of the door which had no visible branding around it, but also because the pavement here on the corner of Oxford St was much busier and it was difficult to avoid people walking past blocking my view unless I moved in rather close to the protesters.

This problem got even worse as the protest made its way down Oxford St, with pauses for protest outside Zara – where the image above has passers-by at both edges, with one holding a cup of coffee – and then outside H&M.

Popular though Oxford St is with tourists and shoppers, it comes close to my idea of hell, and I was getting rather hot, so I was quite pleased to leave the protesters at this point, with several more stops they intended to make to make my way to meet friends elsewhere in London for a small celebration.

Previous protests against shops on Oxford St had been met by a small group of extreme right Zionists waving Israeli flags and shouting insults, but there was no sign of them on this occasion, and many who saw the protest expressed support, clearly condemning the cold-blooded shooting of unarmed protesters by the Israeli army snipers. Just a couple of people who walked past shouted at the protesters who as always it was made clear that this was in no way an anti-Jewish protest but one against the actions of the Israeli state and calling for an end to the killing of Palestinians and the siege of Gaza and for a free Palestine.

Solidarity with Gaza – end support for Israel

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